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Citizenship Certificate Service


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Lost your citizenship certificate? We can help.

Your Australian citizenship certificate is a vital piece of evidence and is required for many administrative proceedings in Australia. The certificate shows that you are an Australian citizen. Losing it and consequently having to replace it is an annoyance. New citizenship certificates can be obtained from the Immigration and Citizenship section of the Australian Department of Home Affairs; however, many people find this process daunting and require more support.

The Migration Translators offer a customized service to support Australian citizens who need a new citizenship certificate. This service is directed at anyone who is time-poor and prefers to deal with a responsive and proactive service provider instead of with the government departments directly.

“I lost my citizenship certificate” – Help is on the way!

By using our citizenship certificate replacement service, you save valuable time and reduce your risk of a faulty application, which can cause delays in getting the new certificate. Our comprehensive package includes all of the following:

  • We deal with all government bodies involved. You only deal with us, so you don’t have to spend hours in phone queues or getting redirected.
  • You get a designated Citizenship Certificate Project Manager. That’s a real person in our office who will speak with you on the phone and do as much work for you as possible.
  • We do everything as fast as possible. Whether it’s an email, a phone call or a document review, no time is wasted in getting your application lodged immediately.
  • We tell you exactly which evidence and supporting documents you need and help you to collect them.
  • We review all your evidence before we lodge your application, to detect problems early.
  • We present all forms to you pre-filled so that you save time and confusion.
  • We pay the government application fee (currently $190) for you, and this amount is included in our service fee.

Handy hints for when you must replace a lost Australian citizenship certificate

  • Performance guarantee: If we can’t obtain your citizenship certificate because you are not eligible to receive one, you will get a refund of $400. We keep only $175 for the administrative work required for reviewing your documents and for any preliminary assessment work.
  • If you need documents translated for your application, for example your birth certificate, you have access to our translation service and get 20% off the normal retail price.
  • If you lost your citizenship certificate in a recognised natural disaster, then you might be eligible to get a replacement certificate for free. We will investigate this on your behalf and will refund you $190 of your service fee if that’s the case. This brings your total costs down to $385.
  • The government processes 75% of applications within 37 days, and 90% within 67 days.
  • Delays are caused by incomplete forms, missing evidence, and other errors. By using our service, you greatly reduce this risk because we check everything twice before we lodge your application.