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Our services are NOT affected by COVID-19. All team members work from the safety of their homes. You will receive a response to your email within 15-30 minutes. Order with confidence.

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Mission Statement of The Migration Translators

Our aim is to help people successfully handle their international affairs by providing a high-quality translation service.

Our primary stakeholders are our clients, people from all walks of life who are on the move: immigrants, visa applicants, expatriates, international students, visitors, travellers and diplomats. Our clients are also service providers such as migration agents, law firms, employment agencies, government departments, businesses and non-profit organizations that are exposed to foreign-language documents that require a certified translation.

We provide value to our clients by facilitating their administrative processes involving foreign languages. Reliability,honesty and diligence are our core values that enable us to make a positive contribution to the affairs of our clients.

It is our sole core purpose to facilitate our client’s lives by providing a reliable document translation service – on time,on scope, on budget.

In a globalized world, people are on the move and require the support of a specialized translation agency that understands and focuses on their needs.


Kussum K.
They are highly professional people and replied you in five minutes as soon as you sent an Email for anything. No matter whether it is day or night time, weekdays or weekend. My experience with them was amazing.
Estienne E.
My experience with the Migration Translators was flawless. I speak both Spanish and English fluently and the translation was very accurate and read very professional. I needed a Naati Stamp and this is why I used their service.I contacted their office via Email on a Saturday, received a quote on ...
Gina N.
The Migration Translators provided an excellent service. It was so easy, I just took a photo of the document I needed translating and emailed it to them. Within just a few days I had an electronic copy of the completed translated document. I will definitely be using their service again ...