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Quality Management


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Quality Management

Making sure that we won’t let you down.

Just like legal services or going to the doctor, the translation of personal documents requires trust. We have a documented Quality Management System (QMS) in place that leans on the requirements as described in ISO 9001, but is adapted to our specific situation. A quality policy, manual, and objectives are in place. We also have a competent Quality Manager whose role it is to ensure compliance with procedures and improvement of processes.

An efficient data-management system has been established that allows us to review the quality performance and identify trends and potential. The data-management system is transparent and structured, and ensures trace ability of occurrences. Random sampling is conducted; regular audits ensure that objectives are met; transparent and direct communication processes are in place to ensure that all staff are informed and responsibilities are known; and a complaint-management procedure supports finding solutions (short-term) and improving processes (long-term).


Kussum K.
They are highly professional people and replied you in five minutes as soon as you sent an Email for anything. No matter whether it is day or night time, weekdays or weekend. My experience with them was amazing.
Estienne E.
My experience with the Migration Translators was flawless. I speak both Spanish and English fluently and the translation was very accurate and read very professional. I needed a Naati Stamp and this is why I used their service.I contacted their office via Email on a Saturday, received a quote on ...
Gina N.
The Migration Translators provided an excellent service. It was so easy, I just took a photo of the document I needed translating and emailed it to them. Within just a few days I had an electronic copy of the completed translated document. I will definitely be using their service again ...